For more than three decades, HITEC Luxembourg – Traffic Management Department provides services to support road managers to reduce traffic accidents, improve traffic management and provide traffic information to both drivers on highways as well as in tunnels. Our involvement in traffic management projects covers all phases in close cooperation with our partners.



HITEC Luxembourg engages in technology and legal watch in order to elaborate robust and relevant strategies, pre-studies and opportunities.

Furthermore, HITEC Luxembourg invests in the field of ITS in order to respond to its clients’ needs to face emerging new technologies and the deep impact they have on the road management environment.
Consulting and strategy support
As an innovative company active in various fields of technology, HITEC Luxembourg defines and elaborates detailed technical concepts for systems and installations, including the latest technologies used in cooperative intelligent transport system (C-ITS).
And as an independent technology provider, HITEC Luxembourg prepares contract specifications and offers supervised calls for tenders to its clients. As an essential part of our service, we provide general and technical project management including planning, financial monitoring and quality assurance. We also offer general project coordination on site until final reception.
A HITEC Luxembourg maintenance team is dedicated to the supervision and maintenance of a wide range of branded equipment using in-house developed monitoring systems, especially for tunnel security, dynamic road signs, video surveillance cameras and traffic data acquisition systems.

Monitoring and maintenance
HITEC Luxembourg proposes pro-active methods like “learning by doing” in order to support its clients throughout the process of change by coordinating and conducting living-lab and evaluations using objective criteria.